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Classes For Everyone


At Studio 8 Fitness we offer classes for every level, body type and ability. Modifications are always available, so don't be nervous to try!
Our instructors are committed to making class participants feel comfortable and safe no matter what level they are at.

Class Package and Membership Options


You can book a single class online for $15 or pay at the door. You can also purchase class packages or memberships through our booking site. We are currently offering these class packages: 10 classes for $125, 5 classes for $65. Memberships options are unlimited classes for $108 with a six month commitment, or 8 classes per month for $75. You can access the booking site by clicking the BOOK NOW button below.

*6:15am and 6:30am classes must be booked by 9pm the night before to guarantee a class.

Class Descriptions

Boogie Bounce 

  • The Boogie Bounce program is the ultimate trampoline workout! It is FAB, FUN, FUNKY AND FAT BURNING! It is a complete fitness program on a mini trampoline with a safety bar. Classes are choreographed to chart topping inspiring music which include an extremely effective cardio section, and a really powerful bums, tums and thighs section too! Every muscle in the body is worked. EVEN THE FACIAL MUSCLES!
  • *Class is done barefoot or with non-slip socks, no tennis shoes. Please make sure pants are not loose fitting at the ankle to avoid catching in the trampoline springs.

Boogie Bounce Strength & Tone

  • This program is designed to focus on building muscle whilst burning calories. Using resistance bands, it is aimed at all muscle groups to strengthen muscles and joints to give the body the ability to maintain correct posture and alignment, therefore giving the body a toned effect. Increasing muscle mass will increase the metabolism resulting in fat loss.
  • *Class is done barefoot or with non-slip socks, no tennis shoes.

Boogie Bounce Revolution

  • The set up of a Boogie Bounce Revolution class is in a circuit style with alternate cardio stations and your ‘typical bootcamp’ stations. This is the HIIT class you've been looking for!
  • *Class is done barefoot or with non-slip socks, no tennis shoes. Please make sure pants are not loose fitting at the ankle to avoid catching in the trampoline springs.

Boogie Bounce Kidz

  • Boogie Bounce Kidz is our unique trampoline fitness program aimed at children and young people from ages 6 and over. There is something magical about bouncing on trampolines for children and they want to bounce, bounce, bounce all day long to fun funky music.
  • * Class is done barefoot or with non-slip socks, no tennis shoes.

Pop Pilates

  • POP Pilates® is an incredible fusion of ab-chiseling and total body defining moves choreographed to upbeat pop songs. This intense, mat-based workout challenges students to rhythmically flow from one exercise to the next, developing a rock solid core while leaving no muscle untouched.
  •  *Please bring a mat to class.

Pound Fitness

  • Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating
    full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training
    with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted
    drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND transforms
    drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.
  •  *Please bring a mat to class


  • Scratch your idea of fitness and get intoxicated by GROOV3. Turn up for the sweatiest, blood-pulsing, beat-dropping, bass-pumping night on the town. Targeting those who want to learn how to dance, and those who used to dance, GROOV3 is the place to be! With the hottest jams and simple combinations made for all levels, GROOV3 is elevating your dance experience and will change the way you work out!


  • WERQ is the wildly addictive cardio dance class based on the hottest pop and hip hop music. The workout is nonstop with repetitive athletic moves and fresh dance steps, so you get the best sweat. WERQ Instructors build a playlist based on trendsetting pop and hip hop music. 


  • ROLLOLOGY™ is a cutting edge discipline that starts with the core using a medium density Rollology™ roller, which works together by stretching and strengthening the abdominals to properly align and support the body for optimal posture.
  • You will:
    • Strengthen core muscles
    • Improve body alignment
    • Improve posture
    • Decrease cellulite
    • Increase flexibility
    • Strengthen arms and legs
    • Improve balance