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About Us

Our Mission

Studio 8 Fitness is committed to creating a welcoming, positive environment for all participants, no matter what phase they are in on their fitness journey. Studio 8 Fitness has an emphasis on boosting confidence, building a community, and putting fun back into fitness through non-traditional formats. 

Who We Are

Studio 8 Fitness is a group fitness studio that is about so much more than body image. Using group fitness formats that are designed to be fun as well as effective and providing a well-rounded variety of classes, participants have many options to meet their fitness goals. We, at Studio8 Fitness, recognize that exercise goals vary from person to person and can meet many needs including physical, mental, and emotional. We provide a welcoming and positive environment that encourages participants of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, abilities, and genders to move and feel joy. 

Studio 8 Fitness has a foundation of rhythm-based exercises which means most formats are designed to music. We specialize in dance fitness formats, mini trampoline fitness, and strengthening and stretching formats. All formats are unique to the area and in some cases, the United States. 

Classes at Studio 8 Fitness are taught by trained and licensed fitness professionals who truly care about all participants. The emphasis is not only on a safe and effective workout but on building a studio community with a family like feel.  At Studio 8 Fitness, participants find caring instructors that have their best interest at heart, a welcoming community eager to support each other and give a community connection, safe workouts with options for all levels, no competition amongst participants, and fitness formats designed to be enjoyable, making it easier to maintain a routine. 

We Would Love to Meet You

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope to see you in a class soon!


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